About us

Welcome to Doi Coffee

We believe that Thai Coffee has a truly distinct character that is second to none when compared to coffee from other origins of the world. Each area is able to produce coffee with its own characteristic that makes coffee from different origins have their uniqueness. Our mission is to bring quality Thai coffee, from different areas of Thailand, to help promote a truly sustainable future for our coffee industry, and for our coffee to be enjoyed by all.

Our aim is to give both Thais and people from all over the world, the opportunity to experience Fine Quality Thai coffee from different areas all over Thailand. We want to help improve the coffee industry in a sustainable way, by helping the farmers directly and bringing their pride and joy directly to our customers, giving each person who drinks our coffee an enjoyable Farm-To-Cup experience.

We are a company of Thai people and has its own factory in Pathum Thani Province Our coffee production facilities are modern and can produce more than 1,000 tons of roasted and ground coffee per year. We comply with food safety regulations and are constantly striving to improve our operations. Our factory has counted the certificate for food safety.

HACCP : Received on 22 Aug 2003
GMP : Received on 6 Nov 2003
HALAL : Received on 15 Dec 2003
ISO 9001:2015 : Received on 15 May 2006